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Taxi Armenia is an online operator of taxi services, which offers its both to the Passengers and the Drivers.

We offer necessary information for receiving taxi services, which is available to You via Application. The Application gives the possibility to the Passengers to find and choose a taxi class suitable for them, and the possibility to the Drivers to get orders via Application.

The use of the Application is free for the Passengers. We just act as intermediary between the Passengers and the Drivers by creating a connection between them and providing information to the Passengers.

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  • Armenia Yerevan, Sebastia 28
  • 85 55


Per km 100 Min Fare 300

Econom P...

Per km 100 Min Fare 400


Per km 120 Min Fare 600


Per km 150 Min Fare 700


Per km 0 Min Fare 0


Per km 0 Min Fare 0